Border Patrol – Written and Directed by Brendan Cochrane


I have been developing this project for a while and have really wanted to shoot a proof of concept pilot illustrating the tone, world and show the potential for where this incredible series can go. The Film business is always in flux working at different stages almost like picking a lock where you need to get all the dials to line up to open up the safe. I wanted to have my blog be both informational with respect to the projects I have in development and showcase my creativity and my process so that it can be a reference point for both the work and to look back on from the future and be able to see the progress and the creative journey at work. I’ve managed to attach some high-profile talent and look forward to getting this developed. For more information a website dedicated to the development of the project can be found here: and a reference clip for tone can be found here:

BMW – Spec “Arrive”

I’ve worked on many productions as a producer, line producer or in some capacity that didn’t get to really showcase my skills. One of the most frustrating things is watching people spend ridiculous amounts of money on advertising that is either short lived or doesn’t evoke any kind of intrigue or interest. Rather than hold many of the ideas I have I wanted to share some of the creative I put together to showcase a tone and style that I would shoot on a modest budget that I feel would do justice to a great car. Below is the treatment I want to shoot.

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